July 21 - 28, 2018

Love SF 2018 will launch on July 21 at 6:00 pm at the Firebase which will be located at Dolores Park Church, 455 Dolores St, San Francisco, CA 94110.


We believe authentic revival is born out of
Uniting Citywide
as one in Jesus, marrying the
Great Commandment
to love God & love people to the
Great Commission
to preach the Gospel and make disciples




San Francisco is a city of great influence, and we believe that God's intention is to redeem this quality to influence the world for His Kingdom purposes...

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Love San Francisco is part of an emerging national movement to re-evangelize America in the power of the Holy Spirit...

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We have monthly opportunities for discipleship and activation and for extended prayer & worship gatherings with outreaches...

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Partnering with Local Congregations and Ministries

One of the most difficult things to do is to mobilize the church to the great commission. Our local and national teams have been effective in getting the church out of their seats and into the streets in strategic cities all across America. We know that it's God's heart that we would be united as one in intimacy with Him and from the place of His presence to preach the gospel and make disciples. We are eager to serve you and your congregation in this way. We are better together!

We'd love to have one of our seasoned speakers come to share all about it with your congregation.

LSF DNA Slideshow Presentation

Love San Francisco Framework


This summer (July 21-28, 2018), we look forward to uniting with the body of Christ in San Francisco and the Bay Area (as well as volunteers from across the nation) to light a fire of prayer & worship, while simultaneously sending out evangelism teams to every neighborhood throughout the City. We will be laboring in prayer and evangelism around the clock (in shifts) for the whole week, followed by intentional disciple-making. God is worthy to receive continuous adoration and proclamation!

This year's event will be held at DOLORES PARK CHURCH (455 Dolores Street, San Francisco, CA 94110).


Love San Francisco 24/7


30 minutes

The outreach leader provides a briefing to all messengers and intercessors going out on each outreach. This briefing includes report times, specific strategies or instructions from the Lord, directions, outreach locations and people group information as well as outreach team assignments.

Prayer Room

2 hours

This is a time of worshipping the Lord, encountering God's heart and seeking Him for any specific direction for the outreach. This is also a time of waiting on the Lord and making sure our hearts are right before we go out on outreach.


30 minutes

Most outreach destinations are within 30 minutes away from the firebase by transit. We take the opportunity while traveling via BART and/or MUNI, to worship the Lord and engage people with the presence of God and the gospel message.


2 hours

We engage people in Spirit-led relationship building and evangelism in teams of at least two.


30 minutes

Everyone meets back at the location designated by the outreach leader, and travel back to the firebase together.


30 minutes

Messengers share testimonies of what happened on the outreach. Some of the testimonies might be filmed and posted to social media.


There will be a Training at the Firebase on July 21 at 11:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Check out the MBCSF17 Homework Assignment pages with Teaching videos, Lesson pdfs, and Devo pdfs:

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Volunteer Staff Opportunities

  1. ADMIN TEAM: Team for all things administrative, the Admin Team is responsible for creating and implementing an on-going plan of all tasks and deadlines, assigning responsibilities, managing schedules, maintaining databases and communications throughout ministry and team.

  2. MOBILIZATION TEAM: This team is essential in the work for the introduction and cultivation of local church relationships by finding the Body and connecting them to LSF. This team will facilitate and run mobilization events, meet with local congregations and pastors, help answer questions about the event and ministry and help administrate the teaching and preaching of the vision to the local church.

  3. PRAYER/WORSHIP ROOM TEAM: Keeping the heartbeat of intercession and worship going - the prayer room staff makes sure the fire on the altar doesn't go out 24/7! They maintain the staffing of all shifts for prayer leaders and worship teams as well as any special outreach events and assist with the gathering of any specific prayer needs during the event to be covered by the intercessor team.

  4. OPERATIONS TEAM: The Ops team helps to maintain order and efficiency of the Firebase facilities, equipment, transportation, logistics, and supplies. Team will need to order and procure materials for operations needs.

  5. FRONT OF HOUSE TEAM: Team of people who coordinate the front information table at the Firebase location. You are the face of LoveSF, and others' first point of contact for this week-long outreach. You must have a winsome and welcoming disposition and a smile on your face.

  6. PASTORAL TEAM: Point Pastors that provide one-on-one support for team, participants and people we're reaching out to. In case of emergency, we need some seasoned veterans to help troubleshoot and bring peace and order through the Word and the Spirit.

  7. OUTREACH TEAM: Organizes, develops, and leads outreaches for any slot that has not been "adopted" including outreach locations, demographics, and logistics. Coordinates with ministries who have adopted outreaches and partners with the special outreaches. Special outreaches include King's Banquet and Fashion Outreach.

  8. SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM: Team responsible for updating and maintaining social media accounts. This includes creating and maintaining up-to-the-moment content across our social media platforms, including livestreaming certain events.

  9. PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO MEDIA TEAM: Team for documentation, creation and distribution of promotional photos and video. The team will also develop, film and edit various types of videos and interviews before, during and after the 24/7 event.

  10. CREATIVE ARTS OUTREACH TEAM MEMBER: You will be developing and implementing creative outreaches which will encompass everything from facilitating Fashion/Arts outreach(es) to creating new artistic outreach materials – plus more!

  11. FOLLOW-UP/DISCIPLESHIP TEAM: helps to implement follow-up with new believers reached during the event. Maintains contact with local ministries and small groups to refer new believers to.

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